The Nasson Community Center is getting some work done, so Nasson Bikes will be closed Friday, August 5th. We plan on being open next Friday. Be careful of the heat and stay hydrated.

Wall of Tools

Just a note to let you know we are open Friday afternoons from 2-5, and we have the tools!

Last fall’s bike room fund raiser was a success! The Sanford community raised $1250 to match the $1250 from the Outride grant. Below are two rolling tool cabinets bought with the money. We will be filling the cabinets with plenty of tools for some bike repair at the Sanford Middle School.

We started the first week of Bike Club at the Sanford Middle School with a safety talk and bike check. Rules of the road, bike courtesy and bike maintenance were gone over. We also checked bikes that kids brought to be used on the Bike Club rides, and other kids got to pick out bikes from the Nasson Bikes bike fleet they can use for the rides. It should be a great season of rides from now until the school year end.

Mick and Gabe checking our Ride Bikes for this spring’s Middle School Bike Club Rides

This year Nasson Bikes did a yearly inspection of our Ride Bikes fleet at the Sanford Middle School, where they are stored for the winter. Today Mick and Gabe (I am hoping I got their names right) from the Middle School gave me a hand checking out the bikes. They did a great job inflating tires and going through the ABC quick check procedure.

Soon there will be a mobile bike room set up in a classroom after school so students can thoroughly inspect and overhaul these Ride Bikes as needed. This will add a great deal to the Middle School Bike Club experience.

Nasson Bikes will be open Friday afternoons from 2-5 for drop in repairs. There will be a limit of 4 people at a time. Please use a mask when in the bike center, and use gloves while handling tools. Gloves are available on a limited basis in the shop.

Sanford Middle School Bike Club ride

This was just one of two rides of the Sanford Middle School Bike Club the other day. The club has really grown, and the school will be supporting the club with it’s own bike room. We have plans to equip the bike room with tools and equipment to support the fleet of bike in the school. Kids will also be able to maintain and repair their own bikes in the room.

You can help with a matching contribution to the Middle School bike room fundraising page.

I plan on being at the shop on Friday afternoons this summer from 2 to 5. As the doors to the Nasson Community Center are locked, please contact me via email or call/text 207-590-9432 to arrange a time to work on your bike or a project bike. Please bring a mask if you are unvaccinated.

Nasson Bikes hosted a ride for the Parks and Rec. summer camp boys on Thursday. We had 16 boys enjoying riding the Mousam Way and portions of the Rail Trail.

We really enjoy these rides and had great support from the counselors. Many thanks to Susan Roeder-Knight who has supported these rides as well as leading the Middle School Bike Club.

Bridge Students working on Bikes Friday

Friday Nasson Bikes brought some stands and tools to the Bridge. With better ventilation and more space for covid prevention than the Bike Center, we began work on the Bridge’s fleet of bikes. With the Rail Trail a few blocks away, the Bridge uses bicycles for physical education. Working on the bikes adds some unique learning opportunities for the students.

Our Friday afternoons at the Bridge is an additional step in providing services in 2021 to the youth of Sanford and Springvale.