The Nasson Bike Center will be closed early Thursday, February 7th.  We will be open next Tuesday as usual.


Just a  reminder that the Nasson Bike Center is not open when Sanford Schools are closed due to snow.

We would like to acknowledge two recent donations to the Nasson Bike Center. The Katherine J. Baker Charitable Trust donated $500 and Brian Chace (my brother!) donated $100 to us. The donations will help fund our program, allowing us to buy the parts and supplies to fix our bikes, and safety items like helmets, during the upcoming year.

The Nasson Bike Center will be closed Tuesday, December 25th and Wednesday December 26th next week for Christmas. We plan on being open Thursday December 26th.


Chelsea put together this BMX bike, finishing up last week. She showed off the skills she has been learning at the Nasson Bike Center with this rebuild. Congratulations Chelsea!


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We are saddened to hear of Jeff Moore’s passing. Jeff volunteered for the Nasson Bike Center for several years. He did great work with the kids. This was one of his favorite projects, rebuilding this Harley flavored bicycle. We will miss him.

The Nasson Bike Center will be closing at 3: 15 this afternoon, Thursday November 29th. We will open as usual next week.



Max wanted to rebuild a bike for his brother, who is well over 6 feet tall. We found this Sterling in the back room and Max has been spending at least one day a week taking apart and rebuilding the hubs, the bottom bracket, the head set, running new cables and making the dozens of adjustments needed to get the bike in good working order. Yesterday Max finished it up and brought it home for his brother. Good job Max!


JrHighBikeClubOct18.jpgThe Sanford Junior High Bike Club visited the Nasson Bike Center last Thursday. We showed off the shop and explained how our earn-a-bike program worked. Max is seen in the background explaining his current project. We would love to have some of the Bike Club riders build their own bikes over the winter here at the shop.

The Nasson Bike Center will be opening an hour late on Thursday October 25th, at 3pm instead of 2pm. This change is for this date only.