A Bicycle’s Journey

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

The youth who come through our Bicycle Center’s doors sift through the stacks of used bicycles, each looking for that unique set of wheels that will take them to the skate park, to school, or out on the trails. Some of our students spend several afternoons repairing a bicycle to donate before fixing a bicycle to keep for themselves. One such student, after having put the finishing touches on a blue and chrome Huffy Rockit, smiled from ear to ear when he pulled his own bicycle out of the stack.

The Rockhopper, being overhauled










Hanging from the handlebars of the Specialized Rockhopper, in a small plastic bag, was a note from the previous owner, who had recently donated the bicycle to our program. The note read:

“To the new owner of this bike – I have loved this bike and am sad to give it up. It has taken me on so many great rides to incredible places – Jackson Hole Wyoming, real mountain biking in the Tetons, the Rockies, up to 10,000 feet above sea level in the Snowy Range, WY to Slick Rock in Moab, Utah (the best mountain bike trail in the world!) Canyonlands of Utah, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and then more great rides in Maine and New Hampshire.

I hope you have as much fun on this bike as I did.

Happy trails!”

Each of the donated bicycles at the Bicycle Center has its own unique story, but few come with the story attached. For this lucky student, his bicycle’s story made the refurbishing process that much more meaningful.

Think about your past bicycling experiences. Where has your bicycle been that makes it special? What legacy will its next rider inherit?

  1. Peggy says:

    Hi Maryalice! Great blog. I know your program very well, watched it from its infancy until now, and you have done a marvelous job. So glad to see you will have a blog so that many more people will know about this program and how great it is for all the kids that come to the Nasson Community Center to work on bikes. A great lesson for the kids not only in skill building, but in getting so much satisfaction when giving a bike to a child who doesn’t have one. — Peggy

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