Bike Shop is Building!

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

That’s right we are moving the shop!  We started building the wall yesterday in the multi-purpose room that you step into as you come down the stairs.  The wall is up, sheet rock is close to complete…next steps will be to mud and tape, paint and voila a bigger shop! We are very excited as we grow and expand. We will be able to have nine stands in the new shop and more space to focus on building more bikes. We plan to start using the shop as soon as Tuesday and hope that over the next couple of weeks everything will come together nicely. All the supplies and tools in one room, with a steady flow of Heat! We are currently looking for someone with graffiti experience or the ability to paint a mural outside the wall of the new shop. The changes are very exciting as we move into the new year. Looking forward to enrolling new bike shop members and continuing to grow all the while putting more bikes into Sanford for those folks that need them.

Open shop is still running Tues, Wed and Thursday from 2p-5pm…with an extended open family shop on Tuesday nights from 5pm-7pm. We are excited to welcome any students, volunteers or guests interested in checking out the new shop, stop by during our shop hours.

“Change always comes bearing gifts.”  ~Price Pritchett

  1. Well we are still building and improving! We are really trying to get it done in time for open shop to start up again next week! Stay tuned!

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