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The following was in an email from Abby King from the Bicycle Coalition of Maine. Here is a way to make Sanford and Springvale a safer place for our kids to bike and walk.
Help Make Sanford Better for Biking and Walking
The Sanford Active Community Environment (ACE) Team is a local group that envisions a community where residents and visitors can walk or bike across town safely and comfortably. Their mission is to foster a community environment in Sanford that is safe and inviting for people of all ages to enjoy active lifestyles. ACE Team meetings are open for any local resident or organization that wants to be involved in advocating and promoting bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly policies, programs, and infrastructure. Join the next meeting!
  • Sanford ACE Team Meeting
  • Tuesday, May 20th at 9am
  • Sanford City Hall Annex (3rd Floor)
  • 919 Main Street

The Sanford Junior High School Bike Club will have an informational session next Wednesday, April 16th after school. Bike inspections and a bike rodeo are featured April 30th, the Wednesday after spring vacation. Its time to ride!

Dan finished rebuilding this BMX bike just a few days after his brother. Dad was a big help with both jobs. Congratulations Dan!