A Schwinn Bike, side of the road to on the road

Posted: June 12, 2018 in Youth and Community Bicycle Center



We found this Schwinn bike at the side of the road, well at least a good part of a Schwinn bike anyways. The bike was brought to the Nasson Bike Center to get it back on the road.

Because of all the generous donations over the years, we have a good collection of spare parts we can use to bring bikes back to life. After a few weeks, we had a complete Schwinn bike.

Schwinn complete

We asked Chelsea from Sanford’s Bridge program to test drive our Schwinn.


Chelsea liked the special cork saddle we installed on the bike. The saddle came through our association with Trips for Kids. Trips for Kids sent a box with parts donated by manufacturers, including cork saddles.

The Schwinn will be sent to Spurwink Services, to be used by an older teen for transportation and recreation.

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