Happy Apple Trail Ride

Posted: October 1, 2018 in Youth and Community Bicycle Center

Saturday September 22nd the Nasson Bike Center provided bikes, designed the course and provided technical support for Sanford/Springvale’s first Happy Apple Trail Ride. McDougal Orchard provided the venue for the event during one of their busiest weekends of the year. Also participating were the Three Rivers Land Trust, Fast and Happy Bicycles,  and Sanford Parks and Recreation.

The Happy Apple Trail Ride was part of the Great Maine Outdoors Weekend. The Three Rivers Land Trust lead the organizing the event. Riding bikes and picking apples had to be about the best way to spend a weekend outdoors in Springvale.


We set up the course using my bike and trailer to carry signs and a thousand feet of caution tape

Happy Apple 1

The Nasson Bike Center had a work station set up. Kristen and Cathy, in red,  from Fast and Happy Bicycles rode the course with participants. Alan Grady from Sanford Parks and Rec. registered the riders. 

Happy Apple 7.jpg

Three Rivers Land Trust brought volunteers. Did I mention we were in an apple orchard?

Happy Apple 4

Cathy Follen leads a mother daughter team of bike riders. McDougal’s has a great ring of trails surrounding their orchard which we used to provide a mile+ long course. 

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