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We started the first week of Bike Club at the Sanford Middle School with a safety talk and bike check. Rules of the road, bike courtesy and bike maintenance were gone over. We also checked bikes that kids brought to be used on the Bike Club rides, and other kids got to pick out bikes from the Nasson Bikes bike fleet they can use for the rides. It should be a great season of rides from now until the school year end.

Mick and Gabe checking our Ride Bikes for this spring’s Middle School Bike Club Rides

This year Nasson Bikes did a yearly inspection of our Ride Bikes fleet at the Sanford Middle School, where they are stored for the winter. Today Mick and Gabe (I am hoping I got their names right) from the Middle School gave me a hand checking out the bikes. They did a great job inflating tires and going through the ABC quick check procedure.

Soon there will be a mobile bike room set up in a classroom after school so students can thoroughly inspect and overhaul these Ride Bikes as needed. This will add a great deal to the Middle School Bike Club experience.