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We were in our second week of Summers rides with the Sanford Parks and Rec. day campers. This week it was the girl’s turn. Seven girls rode bikes furnished by the Nasson Bike Center on the Rail Trail and Mousam Way. Some of the girls were beginning riders, but gained confidence as Susan and myself guided them, talking about ride safety and best ride practices.

The short downhill from the rail trail back to the Mousam Way brought squeals of excitement and delight as these riders descended down the hill one at a time.

Next week we will be back to take the boy day campers on the trails. We are looking forward to it.

The Nasson Bike Center remains open this Summer with normal hours.


The Nasson Bike Center will be closed Wednesday, July 4th for the holiday. Our neighbors and supporters, Fast and Happy Bicycles will be featured in Sanford’s parade. Come watch the parade if you can!36596117_1784946068266134_2822540584378433536_n[1]



We found this Schwinn bike at the side of the road, well at least a good part of a Schwinn bike anyways. The bike was brought to the Nasson Bike Center to get it back on the road.

Because of all the generous donations over the years, we have a good collection of spare parts we can use to bring bikes back to life. After a few weeks, we had a complete Schwinn bike.

Schwinn complete

We asked Chelsea from Sanford’s Bridge program to test drive our Schwinn.


Chelsea liked the special cork saddle we installed on the bike. The saddle came through our association with Trips for Kids. Trips for Kids sent a box with parts donated by manufacturers, including cork saddles.

The Schwinn will be sent to Spurwink Services, to be used by an older teen for transportation and recreation.

The Maplestone School built two unique racks in short order to hold our forks and handlebars. Here is the crew that finished stitching two pieces together.


The handlebar rack holds all the BMX handlebars that we have accumulated over the years. Later we will have wheels hanging at the top and bins of straight handlebars below.

Handlebar rack

The fork rack holds forks we have retrieved off our parts donation bikes, from the 12″ tiny bikes to full size road bikes and mountain bikes.


With these racks we can save time finding the right fork or handlebar for the repair project we are working on. Thanks Maplestone School!

De’mon and Max both finished bikes this week, with the BMX style featured on both. Both participants built community bikes to earn these bikes. With temperatures warming up, it will be a great time to ride. Congratulations De’mon and Max!


Caden was able to complete this mountain bike in time for riding season. Congratulations Caden!


Ben also was able to overhaul a nice Raleigh mountain bike to enjoy this spring. Congratulations Ben!


Colby was proud to finish the nice 20″ Trek mountain bike he has been working on. Trips for Kids furnished the helmet he got after he finished the bike, and posted this picture I sent them on their national Facebook page. Congratulations Colby!

When it’s time to remove stuck seat post from a classic Lotus mountain bike, it’s good to have some strong guys from the MapleStone school.


The seat post was clamped in the vice, and the crew grabbed each end of the frame and twisted side to side. It took a lot of twisting,  penetrating oil, and the sacrifice of the seat post, but the frame was saved!

MapleStoneMapleStone School students finished their first bike rebuild at the Nasson Bike Center on Wednesday. The MapleStone students ( are part of the Mechanical Science program at the school. Instructor Jeff Goodwin brings the students every week to learn how to overhaul a bicycle. The Bridgestone mountain bike was part of half dozen classic Bridgestone bikes donated to the Nasson Bike Center.

Just a reminder, the Nasson Bike Center will be closed when Sanford Schools are closed for snow days. We do open during vacation weeks, except for the actual holidays, like Thanksgiving.