Shawna from the Bridge Program created this collage from pictures taken while Bridge students were working on the bikes here at the Bike Center, and later on the trails. Thanks Shawna!



Hailey and her Huffy

Hailey worked hard to build a community bike. When she finished she built this red Huffy for herself. The front tire has to be replaced, so we put a nice white one in its place. Like mismatched socks, we predict Hailey has started a new trend with her white and black tires.





Beau showing his old helmet while wearing a new helmet

When Beau and his friend Dylan came by the shop yesterday they showed me the helmets they had been wearing since building bikes for themselves. The bike center gives out a free helmet to our participants at the completion of a rebuilt bike. Both were displaying multiple dents and one had tire marks. Both boys were very happy to be wearing the helmets and felt it saved them from some serious injury. I was able to give them new helmets to help keep them safe down the road.




Jason tests his bike

Jason spent a lot of time at the Nasson Bike Center, first overhauling a community bike, then rebuilding this bike for himself. Up against a deadline as he is moving to Old Orchard Beach, Wednesday Jason was able to finish his bike and ride it home. It was a warm and sunny afternoon, and Jason did multiple laps around the parking lot enjoying his new ride.


Great job, Jason!


Theo was very excited to build this bike to ride at the skate park. We spent some time in the Nasson Community Center parking lot talking about safety and giving some tips on how to ride a bike. Notice the rolled up pants, no cuffs getting caught in the chain for Theo!

Congratulations Theo, good job!


Friday we delivered eleven Community Bikes to Spurwink Services. Community Bikes are bicycles rebuilt by Nasson Bike Center youth and volunteers for use by deserving folks in Sanford and surrounding towns.

Bikes arrive at the Nasson Bike Center through donations and from the Sanford Police Station. Down the steps they go to our basement facilities.



Downstairs to the Bike Center


We store the bikes until they are selected to be rebuilt. They can be overhauled to be ridden by one of our youth, or set  aside to be rebuilt as a  Community Bike. By rebuilding a community bike, our youth can then select a bike for themselves, rebuild it and take it home at no charge.


Bringing an old Schwinn back to life!

Most of our finished Community Bikes are delivered to Spurwink Services at their Biddeford Offices. Once or twice a year I fill my pickup with the Community Bikes. Most are children’s bikes.


The Tundra filled with Community Bikes

Emily Hanley Community Services Supervisor at Spurwink gets my call when we have bikes ready. After she gets a list from me, she contacts her staff throughout York County letting her know the bikes are available.



Emily with one our rebuilt bikes


Spurwink sends our bikes off throughout York County, to be ridden and enjoyed again by deserving kids! Thanks for our donors, the Sanford Police, the volunteers and youth of the Nasson Bike Center, and Spurwink Services for getting these bikes back on the road-and sidewalks, driveways, wherever kids ride.

Many thanks to the bike riders who rode the Four Leaf Clover Ride, our volunteers and community members that attending the Family Fun Day.

Thanks for coming, and we hope to see you next year!


There is still time to register for the Four Leaf Clover Ride, to benefit the Nasson Community Bicycle Center. Ride 25, 50 or  100 miles in 4 separate loops around Sanford Springvale and surrounding towns. There is even a loop into New Hampshire! To go to register.

We will also be having our second annual Family Fun Day at Nasson from 12 to 4 the same day, September 18th. We will be having music, food, games, a raffle with some exciting prizes and mascots! There is no cover charge, please join us!


IMAG1544 (1).jpg

Nathan was happy to finish this nice BMX bike after finishing a bike for the community. Congratulations Nathan!


After building a bike for himself, Logan rebuilt this bike for his sister. After consultation it was decided, the tassels stayed! Congratulations Logan for another fine job.