We will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, December 24th and 25th. We will be open Thursday December 26th.

We will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, December 31st and January 1st. We will be open Thursday January 2nd.

Nasson Bikes will be closed the week of December 9th. I am assisting my son with some very serious health issues. We hope to be back next week.

Nasson Bikes will be closed Thursday December 5th.

Nasson Bikes will be closed today, Wednesday December 4th.


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Nasson Bikes will be losing most of our bike storage space in a few weeks. We will be severely restricted in the amount of bike donations we can accept. We love your bikes, but have no room! We can make a few exception for special bikes. Contact us at 324-5657 or email us at nassonbikes@gmail.com for more information.

Jr. High Bike Club1The Sanford Junior High Bike Club visited Nasson Bikes last Thursday. The riders were introduced to our earn-a-bike, community bike and fix your own bike programs.



Joe spent a couple of weeks at the shop rebuilding this Mongoose full suspension bike. Joe was helpful with other bike rebuilders, taking the time to help other them with their projects. Congratulations Joe!



Hunter took the time to build an community bike, then built this bike for himself. Congratulations Hunter!





Damien and Riley spent the last few weeks at the Nasson Bike Center, first building community bikes then onto their own projects. Riley spent his time getting his Haro mountain bike back into shape, and Damien rebuilt a mountain bike for our donated bike fleet. Thanks to Damien and Riley for working on the community bikes, and have fun riding the Sanford trails!