” Everytime I see my daughter ride her bike, it reminds me of the wonderful experience we had doing the bike coop at the Nasson Community Bicycle Center this past summer. Maryalice and Peter were the most patient and helpful teachers. The skills that they taught my ten year old, on how to take an old bike and to turn it into a rideable piece of machinery that she can be proud of, is an experience that never will be forgotten.”  -Barbara Scorse, Saco

“My two boys went this past Tuesday to the Bike Program. They LOVED IT. I believe this was a life-changing afternoon for both of them, and they can’t wait to go back.” -Margie Genereux, Sanford

I was so glad with my bike and I loved it. Thank you so much! I was thrilled and I rode it for awhile before I had to go in. My grandpa fixed my mom’s bike so we can go bike riding.” -a 5th grader who received a bike

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