Sanford Junior High Bike Club on the Trail

Bike Club riders on the rail trail during our first bike ride.

Sanford Junior High Bike Club First Ride

CR explaining some ride techniques before the first Sanford Junior High Bike Club ride.

Robin from Santa's Cause picking up one of sixteen bikes from the Nasson Community Bicycle Center

Robin from Santa’s Cause and volunteers picked up sixteen bikes from the Nasson Community Bicycle Center Tuesday. They have been rebuilt as community bikes by Sanford/Springvale youth to earn their own bikes, and now will make nice holiday presents for children in the area.

Bike Sizing Does Matter!

Andrea, our great volunteer, is NOT prepping this bike for a ride across the country. Its just a case of getting some extra leverage on the stem bolt of this donated bike.

Preston's New Bike

Preston stands with his dad after completing the rebuild on this nice Mongoose BMX bike. Congratulations Preston!

Jeremiah's bike for his sister

Jeremiah rebuilt this 16″ bike for his younger sister. I’m sure she is enjoying this ride from her big brother.

Win This Bike!

Our man Jeff poses with his rebuild of a Schwinn Stingray Chopper. Rescued from the police impound, Jeff, a enthusiastic Harley rider, rebuilt this bike and added some nice touches, with a custom paint job and pinstriping!

The bike center youth participant with the most hours in the shop between the first of the year and school year end will win this bike! See bike center staff for details.

Kobe and his new ride

Kobe Murphy recently completed rebuilding this nice bmx bike for himself after earning credit by volunteering at the Nasson Community Bicycle Center.

Alex Stelline wins rebuilt Diamondback Joker BMX bike

Alex Stelline poses with his rebuilt Diamonback Joker BMX bike by attending the most hours at the Nasson Community Bike Center from January to the end of school this year. Congratulations Alex!